Sunday, 24 January 2016

Who Is Jesus in reality? Part : 7


      Who is Jesus in reality? The immediate answer to this question from church is that ‘Jesus is God’.  When  one wants to  attribute any specific quality  to  any person or  thing the first point necessary to be taken into consideration is, that it should be made clear  whether he or it is having the attributed quality in him or not. Contrary to this if any one  attributes any speciality  to any body according to  his whim and fancy can be termed as  the out come of his absolute ignorance .We have entered in to the scientific era so our beliefs and arguements  should be reasonable and meaningful.  And we have to believe and propagate only such beliefs as have been exhorted by prophets. Then only  we will be called as wise  and also praised by others.  And  importantly  we will enjoy the real peace and virtuous qualities in our personal life. Further we can make the society as fruitful and pieceful. But now a days a lot of supersticious beliefs are growing in the religious sector, and that is the reason why people have lost their peace and moral values in their conduct,  thereby  our society became a place  of immorality and peaceless.

     Right from the begining Merciful Creator has been giving the information  through his holy prophets as regards to Himself and about His holy people and the means as how one can get the mental peace and good health and promote moral development in the society.  The selfish people have made a great deal of mischief in manipulating the scripture in their favour to meet their vested interests, which  can be disclosed in the following verse.

Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions. -Ecclesiastes 7:29

     The path, which  God has shown to the people is  very clear and free from crookedness.  Yet we can find a lot of misconceptions in their beliefs from the behaviour of socalled  religious people. If it is questioned as how these wrong dogmas have been  taken place in the religious  sector  the above verse makes clear that it is the result of  the inventions by the  selfish people. Jesus shows the method as how one can  come out of this crookedness.

     Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. -Matthew 11:29

Now examine carefully the following points in the above verse.

1. Meekness and lowliness in heart are the natures of Jesus.  And he suggests that one who claims as his follower should also posses these qualities. But we can  hardly find such qualities in them those that beat their breasts saying as - ‘we die for Jesus.’ Is it not a sheer lie?

2. And Jesus commands “TAKE MY YOKE UPON  YOU”. The meaning of “Yoke” is the belief and the way of thinking  as suggested by him, which is  meek and easy to follow.

3. Jesus commands that one should learn the right path from him.
In consideration of the above points it becomes clear  that there is only one way, that is following of Jesus’ instructions which makes us free from the confused methods and help us to reform ourselves and to correct our beliefs  and  the way of thinking.


       The word  glory means ‘divinity’ or ‘greatness’ or ‘superiority’ and transcendence etc... so to whomsoever we call  God  must possess his own glory but it should not have been given or borrowed from others. At the same time  he should not transfer his own glory or a part thereof to any other. Whosoever possesses these qualities can alone be the God.  Therefore let us examine carefully the person ,who possesses  these qualities  according to the Bible.

I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to an other, neither my praise to graven images. -Isaiah 42:8

In the above verse there are two important points to be considered

1. The creator  God says very clearly that it  is  His OWN GLORY It means  the glory, which Jehovah possesses himself, is of His own and was not given by any other.
2. Jehovah reserves all glory and divine capabilities for himself and He does not give it to any other completely. In this way God proclaims  crystal  clearly saying  MY GLORY  WILL I NOT GIVE TO OTHERS
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