Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Who Is Jesus in reality?

Many People believe Jesus according as to the Propagation or through their family tradition. This is well. It is necessary that every one,  who believes in Jesus,  should know the appropriate answer to the  question  that  WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY OF BELIEVING JESUS?.  Because it is obvious that one gets salvation only through the appropriate  and accurate  belief in Jesus as propounded by God.  But  if any one believes contrary to this  it is impossible for  him to attain the salvation .  However in these days a lot of misconceptions and confusions  in believing  Jesus are found in the Christian community. Some believe him as begotten son of God and incarnation of God while some believe him as God himself, and some believe him as one of the triune Gods,  and some believe him as the complete  God and complete human being with divine qualities. According to logic these types of  irrelevant opinions  regarding one person cannot be accepted as true. Therefore

        we should understand the correct answer  for the  question that WHO IS JESUS IN REALITY?  We can get the appropriate answer to this question only by the analytical study of the Bible. But many people object as to why this research  and analysis on the Bible?  So first of all let us examine carefully what  Bible says  about  the analytic study of scriptures which can be seen  in the following verse.

          Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read  -Isaiah 34:16 
       According to the above verse it is inevitable on the part of every christian that he should study the Bible in between lines so that he may understand  what it teaches. Because the above verse is not spoken  as an advice,  but as a command. So there is no chance for any true christian to lead his life unattentively and without appropriate faith as propounded by the Bible.

       What happens  if we do not make an analysis?. What is the loss that we incur?.  Please refer to  the following verse for  the correct answers to these questions.

         There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end
          thereof are the ways of death               -Proverbs 16:25

      So it is necessary to every Christian brother to examine  carefully the actual sense of the above verse, as they are spending their life happily,  in spite of having contrary and irrelevant beliefs. The above verse seems to be a “thunder bolt” for those who follow their own way blindly. Therefore according to the above verse it is evident  that every one should always quest anxiously for the correct  way, and should examine  himself  whether he is  following the right path or being misled.  In case unfortunately if any believer dies having contrary way of  living to that of  God’s word, and after his ressurrection  on the day of Judgement , if he would be decreed  by God as  a sinner for having had led his life contrary to the teachings of Jesus, then there will be no chance  for him  to recorrect and do according to the teachings of Jesus. And eventually eternal hell will be his final destination. And what will be that eternal hell ? The answer is given by Jesus  in the following verses to this question.

        [They will reach to the place]
       Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched  -Mark 9:48 

      And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall
      desire to die, and death shall flee from them  -Revelation 9:6

     What would be the more disgraceful and miserable loss for a man than to be thrown into the eternal hell?  And what would have been the cause  for  this  type of unfortunate and   degraded stage, the answer  for  this question is that he did not examine himself carefully,  whether he had been leading his life according to the srcriptures or not. Thus we can understand the intensity of the above caution, and also we can understand that how horrible would be the consequences, if we  neglect  the analytic study of the scriptures.

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