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Does Jesus have the daughter?

If anybody called by us as 'son' or 'daughter' then do they become truly the
offspring of us? In case of it is true, then according to the following verse Jesus
should have a daughter.

But Jesus turned him about and when he saw her he said
Daughter be of good comfort -Matthew 9:22

These who argue that Jesus is the son of God as he had been called by God in
the name of 'son' then they should agree before this that Jesus had a daughter.
Contrary to this if they argue as "Jesus does not have any daughter but he called
her like that by mere virtue of being the love on her'. Then they should understand
one point before their arguement that Jehovah also called Jesus as son because of
being such love on him.

The great sons than Jesus!?

If one read the Old Testament one can notice distinctly that basing on which
special characteristic features Jesus had been called by God as son in the New
Testament, so also God has so many sons, who possessed the more special attributes
than Jesus.

Jacob is the first born!

And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, thus seith the Lord, Israel
is my son even my first born -Exodus 4:22

Israel is the first born!

For I am a father to Israel and Ephraim is my first born -Jeremiah 31:9

Thus Jehovah himself proclaims abotu some persons that his first born. As
Jesus is the beloved son of God suppose after haveing been given the in heritance
of God if he truly becomes God then who is the worthy to get the inheritance of
God in reality? If it is questioned the answer for this is that one who is the first born
of God is worthy to get the inheritance of God inded if there were the inheritance
of God then it should be given to one who is the first born of God. According to
the law and justice it is absolutely irrefutable. But here the question is that even
though Ephraim and Jacob are the first born of God why did not they become
eligible to get the inheritance of God? There are two reasons for this.

Asamatter of fact there is no question of the inheritance of God but when the
changing of the inheritance becomes need to one? when one becomes ineficient in
knowledge and capabilities and age then this problem will be come before as. But
the Creator and Almighty Jehovah does not have any weaknesses. This we read
from the following verses.

The Lord shall reign for ever and ever -Exodus 15:18

But the Lord shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his
throne for judgment -Psalms 9:7

The Lord is king for ever and ever -Psalms 10:16

He is the living God and an ever lasting king -Jeremiah 10:10

This is the speciality of God. He reigins forever and he prepared his throne
evermore and he is the everlasting king. If this is true, how can the 'elder sons'
become capable to get the in heritance of God?

Despite God is the Almighty, incase of our body come into existence with
more super powers than him then it is possible to me get the inheritance of God.
Because the supremacy of the creation is suitable to only one, who having the
superlative degree than all and it is reasonable according to the law and justic as
well. There fore in this way also the inheritance of God should not be given to any body.
But why to Know this observe the following verses.

My father which gave them mem is greater than all -John 10:29

...and ye (dsciples) shall be the children of the highest -Luke 6:35

One God and Father of all, who is above all... -Ephesians 4:6

According to the above verses also the inheritance of God should not be
given to any body after Jehovah. Because Jesus as well as Paul themselves proclaim
that God is the greater than all and he is the highest above all. In this way
who is the worthy to get the inheritance after Jehovah? The lawful and legitimate
answer is that it should be given to only one Jehovah as he is the highest.
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