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According to following verses -Is Jesus God? -3

3. Jehovah is the light and Jesus is also the light- therefore Jesus is God. Can it be a truth?

Who (Jehovah) coverest thy self with light as with a garment... -Psalms 104:2

Jesus is the light
Saying I am the light of the world... -John 8:12

        If  we pay heed on the above two verses we can understand that Jehovah is the light so also Jesus is the light.  According to this comparision some argue "Jehovah and Jesus both are co-equals that is why we worship Jesus". In this way they try to justify their arguement. We can declare that this is no more than the outcome of the deficiency in the Biblical knowledge. Just as they make Jesus as God according to their logic similarly in accordnce with the same logic if the following verse is interpreted then the disciples also become Gods.

The disciples are the light
Ye are the light of the world... -Matthew 5:14

       According to the above verse one can understand that the disciples were also the light of the world. Jehovah is the light and Jesus is the light, therefore according to their logic if Jehovah and Jesus both are equal then those who worship Jesus in the capacity of God should also agree the worship of the disciples incapacity of God as they are the light of the world. If they can not agree to this then their arguement that Jesus is God also becomes wrong.
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According to following verses -Is Jesus God? -2

2. Is Jesus really a true God!?

And we know that the son (Jesus) of God is come and hath given us understanding that we may know him (Jehovah) is true, and we are in him (Jehovah) that is true, even in his (Jehovah) Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God (Jehovah) and eternal life.-1 John  5:20

Many christian scholars are confounded in the case of above verse also.  And according to the last part of the above that 'he is the true God and eternal life', they misundrstand and attribute the divinity to Jesus. If we pay attention on the above verse we can get the appropriate answer. The main reason of their misunderstanding is that Jesus had procalimed that 'he is the life'(John 14:6). But the Bible is a book which presents a broad concept and it has a deep message and also  consists of deep knowledge. It can be seen that a single word is used relating to many other persons. There is a threat of getting misconception of the real meaning of any verse if its meaning is not taken in proper way. Already the present day christianity has been involved into so many misconceptions. Thereby they are devided into thousands of denominations and moral values have been declined. As a matter of fact without  the unanimity in thoughts and beliefs in any religious community, even though it occupies a significant portion of the earth in majority, one day it would get the environment of confrontation. Therefore our christian scholars should give the top priority to the analytical study of the Bible. If the christian community would get such deffects, as are found in the other sects such as disunity, immorality, vagueness in the basic beliefs and inner conflicts etc., then what would be the speciality of the christianity than the other religious sects? In spite of having the great divine Book in their hands their involvement in such a degraded stage is highly regrettable.

Now let us examine the above verse. According to some words in the above such as ‘the true’ and ‘the true God’, many christian scholars misunderstand taking these words to have been referred to Jesus and attribute divinity to him. In this regard Jesus says himself as follows.

Jesus answered, thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth. -John 18:38

The above verse has a great significance in the teachings of Jesus. Because Jesus says himself in the above that what is the real reason of his birth. What is the basic reason of the birth of Jesus? That is "to bear the witness unto truth" what is that truth? The truth means the creator Jehovah. This means Jesus was born to bear  witness about Jehovah. With regard to this the chief disciple of Jesus explains in his epistle as follows

And we know that the son of God is come and hath given us an understanding that we may know him (Jehovah) that is true... -1 John 5:20

Further what is the reason for his explaining the above verse that He is the true God? That is...
But the Lord is the true God, he is the living God and an everlasting king -Jeremiah 10:10

Basing on the above verse Jesus and after the time of Jesus the disciples used to preach the Gospel. Contrary to this many christians forgot the true God who is Jehovah and established Jesus in the capacity of God instead of following his teachings. This is indeed the complete antithetical manner to the teachings of Jesus. Further those who strive to attribute the divinity to Jesus by any means they misinterpret the above verse (1 John 5:20) as a part of their endeavour. According to this some people attract to some words which have been used for both Jehovah and Jesus and so also relating to some other persons. To know this let us see such words in the following verses. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

According to following verses -Is Jesus God?

The christian theologians are not paying so much of attention as is necessary for the reformation of social evils which have been widely spread in the christian community. In stead of propagating the moral teachings as had been taught by Jesus, they are more particular in preaching: that- Jesus has redeemed you and offered his life on cross as ransom for your sins. And he is your intercessor.  The concepts such as these make one free from fear of God which ultimately lead one to commiany kind of sin. Thus christianity too entargled in the snare of evils such as debauchery-consuming of intoxicants, raping tribery etc...  Thus the moral values have been diluted with pollution of evils to the extent that the christian community can hardly be discriminated from others. What our findings are that  the teachings of Jesus are not being projected to the expected levels by Jesus through his followers. Let alone the social evils, but theological difference of opinions and sectarian divisions also took deep roots which cannot be plucked up easily. No doubt that one can find such drawbacks in all communities. But what our grievance is that it appears by its teachings that the church has given an indirect sanction to be free from fear of God by such preachings as above mentioned. The teachings of Jesus for building up of morality and for eradication of evil from the society are so high that even if some of them were put in practice and theologiaxs pay their attention on praching them, a very good christian community would have been built up. But the person of Jesus is focussed more as divine a second of the trinity rather than on his real person as a reformer and Christ of God. But christianity has awarded divinity and worships him rather than taking him as a prophet and reformer. We cannot find Jesus to have said in the whole Bible any where that he is a god, nor had he ever preached to worship him. The twelve Apostles and the early disciples never preached the divinity of Jesus. As regards to Jesus we can find two important points of which one is that one shold believe him as a Christ sent of God and the second is that one should follow him according to his teachings.
But to prove the divinity of Jesus christian scholors make a stress on the following verses.

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