Thursday, 31 December 2015

Who Is Jesus in reality? Part :2


         We can see a number of strange and peculiar methods as  increasing in the christian community,  whereby all believers are being confused. As a result immorality is taking root and creating disunity and conflicts among them. The reason for  all these  confusions  is the neglegency of the people  not  going in analytic study of the  Bible but  following of the whimsical ways, which they have invented. But  to be frank Bible gives a top priority  for the analysis.

           Thus saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the
            old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein and ye shall 
           find rest for your souls. -Jermiah 6:16 
          On a careful examination of the above verse some important points came in to light. The  first of them is that  if there are  many ways or beliefs  existing  we  should not follow them blindly without analysis. And second is that we have to examine carefully that which of them is the correct way or belief that should be followed in order to get salvation.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Who Is Jesus in reality?

Many People believe Jesus according as to the Propagation or through their family tradition. This is well. It is necessary that every one,  who believes in Jesus,  should know the appropriate answer to the  question  that  WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY OF BELIEVING JESUS?.  Because it is obvious that one gets salvation only through the appropriate  and accurate  belief in Jesus as propounded by God.  But  if any one believes contrary to this  it is impossible for  him to attain the salvation .  However in these days a lot of misconceptions and confusions  in believing  Jesus are found in the Christian community. Some believe him as begotten son of God and incarnation of God while some believe him as God himself, and some believe him as one of the triune Gods,  and some believe him as the complete  God and complete human being with divine qualities. According to logic these types of  irrelevant opinions  regarding one person cannot be accepted as true. Therefore
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